Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

The School of Design endeavors to undertake national, provincial, and municipal-level research projects to experiment and explore the frontiers of design. In the first half of 2021, the School of Design applied for 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 3 National Social Science Foundation projects, 4 Shenzhen Natural Science Foundation projects, 1 humanities & social science research project by the Ministry of Education, covering haptic intelligence, AI interactive design, AR/VR, health-related material research, virtual communities & social interaction, and other research fields.


Since the application of double-class projects has kicked off on campus; the School of Design has applied for three projects falling under three streams, namely Advancing the Mathematical Foundation of Design Theories, Processes and Tools: Building a Socio-Economic Ecology for Persistent Design of discipline stream, Center for Creativity Education and Intensive Project Based Learning of education stream and Case-Study Survey of Shenzhen-Based Design Industry of research stream, in an effort to elevate the level of discipline and promote the development of the School.