Research Platform

Smart Products Lab

Smart Products Lab explores hybrid products with physical realization of product categories with digital product functionalities, with characteristics including situated, personalized, adaptive, pro-active, business-aware, location-aware, and network capable. The vision of smart products is relevant to various research areas, including marketing, product engineering, artificial intelligence, economics, communication science, media economics, cognitive science, consumer psychology, innovation management, and more. This is a hands-on maker and research space where students will build and test their smart product prototypes. 

Wellness Center

Wellness Center is dedicated to the research into the ways design profoundly affects our daily experience, with the goal to improve health and wellness, including health, of communities, and individuals, including physical exercise, nutrition, stress management, medical self-care, etc. from a design perspective and developing data, knowledge, guidelines and practice to enhance health and wellbeing. 

Accessibility and Inclusion Lab

Accessibility and Inclusion Lab focuses on supporting, enabling, and enhancing the use of designed outcomes across societies and cultures to support the broadest use of products and tools through testing and experience research, particularly in accessibility, brings together researchers, students, professionals from different disciplines, equipped with advanced software for user insights, combining quantitative data with qualitative insights. 

Faculty Team and Research Areas