Mar 30. 2023 - Events

DS Lecture: Past and Future: The Structure of the Yunqi Pavilion in the Jinshanling Buddhist Monastery

Time:March 30th (Thursday) 15:00 — 16:30

Venue: Lecture Hall, 11th Fl. Zhiyuan C1

Language: Chinese


Meeting ID:8310 4904 720

Passcode:695 169


Speaker: ZHANG Zhun

Co-founder and Chief Designer of AND Office, Tongji University Architectural Research and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Senior Engineer

Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer of PRC

Mentor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tongji University


Speaker: GUO Yimin

Associate Professor and Postgraduate Advisor for the School of Architure, Southeast University, Director of the Archi-Neering Design Research Center

GUO Yimin explores two cutting-edge directions of contemporary architecture: the design and theory of Archi-Neering Design and Behaviorology. He is engaged in the research and theorectical construction of innovative and forward-looking architectural design methodology


AND Office

AND Office was founded by ZHANG Zhun, GUO Yiming and LIU Yichun in 2016. The office is committed to structural design and innovation as well as teaching and research from the perspective of architecture. 

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