Apr 6. 2023 - Events

City Walk: The Consumer Culture of Dongmen


Time: April 6th (Thursday) 14:00 — 17:00

Venue: Dongmen Old Street

Language: English

Speaker: Dr. Mary Ann O' Donnell, Independent Artist, Co-founder of Handshake 302 Art Center

The "Urban Drifting" city walk is a customized activity for the School of Design, SUSTech, aiming to allow professors and students to discover the charm of urban spaces through participation, experience, and storytelling, and explore the impact of individuals on urban space planning and design, and increase the possibility of improving the humanization of cities. The city walk will start in "Caiwuwei" and end at "Dongmen", focusing on the new consumer culture and historic cultural geography of "Dongmen Old Street", and it will deepen our roots in and sense of belonging to Shenzhen.

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