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Student Works of DS223 Client Product: Object were presented at 2022 Fashion Shenzhen

From August 28th to 29th, a group of SUSTech School of Design students from the course DS223 Client Product: Object Course were invited by Janet LEE, a Malaysian artist, to exhibit their works at 2022 Fashion Shenzhen.




The exhibition featured four groups of works completed in collaboration with Babisil International Ltd. During the 4-week workshop, the students provided innovative solutions to the parenting challenges faced by the new generation of parents living in today's cities, making the daily care of babies easier, more enjoyable and healthier, while at the same time fulfilling Babisil's need for originality and helping to increase its competitiveness in the marketplace. the four groups of works demonstrate the students' understanding and application of design perspectives and values, such as sustainable materials, feasibility of innovations, and user friendliness of products, as well as their understanding of the client's requirements. Understanding and application of sustainable materials, innovative feasibility and product use, as well as accurate capture of customer requirements and user expectations.


It is an excellent learning experience for the students to broaden their horizons and to reflect on and summarize their design thinking through the collision and exchange with professionals from various industries, and to present their works to a wide range of user groups to be tested and examined.





As a highly influential and creative professional trade and exchange platform for the fashion industry in China, Fashion Shenzhen was founded in 2001 with the aim of supporting local original and creative design, introducing international design resources, and assisting international branding and diversified industrial development. This year's Fashion Shenzhen attracted more than 1,800 brands, designers and supply chain enterprises from all over the world.


Exhibiting Student Works:

Team 1: Ori


Team 1 Members: HAN Yuanning, HU Hongyi


Introduction of Works:

In the conceptualization stage, through our research, we realized that although sustainable development is an important social issue, baby bottles are still considered as fast-moving consumer goods. We give this product a new meaning from the perspective of sustainability. This project is made up of different parts that can be assembled when necessary to maximize the number of functions while saving materials. Depending on the functionality and durability required for each part, the product is made of different materials, PPSU and glass. The bottle " grows " with the baby and continues to fulfill different functions and meanings after he/she is weaned.


Team 2: Loop-Loop


Team 2 Members: YU Hanxu, QIU Guo


Introduction of Works: 

Based on the concept of "Flexibility and Infinity", we designed a modular accessory, Loop-loop, which can be used with any of Babisil's bottles to enhance the baby's feeding experience. This interchangeable and personalized accessory system provides different sensory stimuli to stimulate baby's cognitive abilities such as sight, hearing and touch, while making feeding time more active and fun. Our design is based on research on infant education, such as Montessori and Piaget theories. Loop-loop is made up of food-grade silicone, which meets Babisil's safety standards.


Team 3: MerryGoBlend


Team 3 Members: XUE Renchao, ZHANG Chenghao


Introduction of Works: 

MerryGoBlend is a bottle device designed to enhance the experience of mixing formula, helping to minimize milk preparation time and the worry of unhealthy chunks of formula remaining. It is attached to the body of the Babisil bottle and can be easily removed and cleaned after use. The system has been designed to fit Babisil 300ml bottles and can be replicated to fit different models and sizes. The user can quickly mix the milk powder by moving the cap up and down in a gesture. The components do not need to be removed from the bottle during the entire preparation and feeding process. Our goal is to make mixing formula cleaner, healthier for babies and more convenient for new parents.


Team 4: Sircle



Team 4 Members: ZHANG Zimo, JIANG Yutong


Introduction of Works: 

Why is a bottle only a bottle? When a baby no longer needs a bottle, what are the different ways to use it, which is essentially a container? As the baby grows, the original bottle will soon be replaced by a new, bigger one. We want to give bottles a second life! Through our questionnaire, we found that parents preferred glass because it was safer and more durable. By exploring different possibilities, we finally chose glass milk bottles and designed a flexible system that consists of a cap that transforms a milk bottle into a mixing bottle or a storage jar, and a body whose shape is not necessarily related to that of a milk bottle. The result is Sircle, a new concept for milk bottles in the era of the circular economy!

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