Dec 15. 2021 - Latest News

SUSTech School of Design-JMGO Joint Workshop

In the afternoon on December 15th, 2021, the course of DS204 Interaction System Design, instructed by Prof. LUO Tao of the School of Design, and in collaboration with JMGO, a projection company, took place in the activity space provided by the Talent Service Center of Nanshan District.




This innovative collaborative studio course totaled a participation of 21 students together with 18 friends from JMGO invited by Prof. Luo. All the attendants were divided into 6 groups with 3-4 students and 3 JMGO designers or product managers per group, which enabled students to have as many opportunities as possible to talk and interact with industrial insiders. The project was to analyze the basic needs and behaviors of users and propose creative solutions based on Arduino and Origami Studio according to the selected user portraits. There were six user portraits including Fashionable Young Men, Shenzhen IT Worker Bees, New Media Entrepreneurs, Pet Keepers, Young Art Lovers, and High-value Solo Dwellers. Each group of students was assigned to analyze one user portrait and come up with interactive ideas based on the “companion mode” of JMGO by revolving around keywords such as “companion”, “immersion” and “atmosphere creation”.




Exceptional creativity and imagination of students were fully shown in the course of more than three hours, winning great feedback from the invited guests of JMGO including WANG Xiaoyi, Chief Product Officer, PANG Xiaozhi, Vice President of Internet Business Center, HU Dan, Senior Director of Industry Design Department, HE Yuan, Hardware Product Director, ZENG Na, Software Product Director, and CAO Zhiling, Director of User Experience and Design Department. This feedback enabled students to understand the design considerations in enterprise practices. At the end, two best projects were selected from the total six projects and the corresponding students and designers received the gifts prepared by the School and JMGO.

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