Aug 31. 2022 - Latest News

SUSTech School of Design welcomes first batch of graduate students

On the morning of August 31, the orientation meeting for the 2022 graduate students of SUSTech School of Design was held in the university's Learning Space, with all the faculty members of the School as well as all the new students of the 2022 class attending the orientation. The meeting was presided over by Dean Tom KVAN. The School admitted 20 SUSTech degree students in 2022, including 9 Masters in Materials and Chemical Engineering, 9 Academic Masters in Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics, and 2 Ph.D. students in Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics. In addition, the School also admitted three Ph.D. students who will be jointly trained with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the City University of Hong Kong respectively.


KVAN extended a warm welcome to the new students. He introduced the significance of the combination of T-shaped talents, the integration of disciplines in the School, the significance of design to the city of Shenzhen, and the unique advantages of Shenzhen in building a first-class design school for students of different disciplinary backgrounds, and encouraged students to seize the opportunity and strive to explore and grow. He also emphasized to the students in Chinese the School's goal of cultivating people with moral integrity and the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Prof. Christiane HERR and Prof. WAN Fang, who are responsible for coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate education, introduced the undergraduate education as well as postgraduate education and training of the School. Dr. LI Xu, Vice Dean of Administration, introduced the geographic location and teaching space planning of the School's transition campus. Finally, faculty members and students took turns to introduce themselves and promote mutual understanding in a joyful atmosphere.


In order to help students further understand the specifics of the School's postgraduate training and deepen the communication between teachers and students, the School held the second orientation session for 2022 postgraduates in the morning of September 2 in the Conference Center 405. HERR gave a comprehensive introduction to the School's graduate cultivation process, cultivation plan, course study, industrial practice, mentoring relationship and other key points of graduate cultivation, and the faculty members also introduced their own scientific research fields, ongoing scientific research work and future plans. After the meeting, students and teachers freely exchanged ideas in a warm atmosphere.


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