Apr 21. 2023 - Latest News

On its 3rd anniversary, SUSTech School of Design welcomed multiple delegations to visit

2023 is the 15th anniversary of Shenzhen winning the title of "City of Design". April is also the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of SUSTech School of Design (hereinafter referred to as "the School"). In this memorable moment, the School welcomed 4 groups of guests from Xiamen, Italy, France and Shenzhen on April 18 and 20, 2023, to communicate with each other and discuss collaboration.

On the afternoon of April 18, WANG Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Institute of Creativity and Innovation, Xiamen University, and his delegation visited the School. Tom KVAN, the founding dean of the School, and LI Xu, the vice dean of administration, accompanied the guests to visit the campus of SUSTech and the School, and discussed the integration of industry and education, the construction of management mechanisms and systems, undergraduate teaching reform and innovation, and the daily management of moral education and students.




At noon on April 20, Michele BONINO, professor of architecture and urban design at the Politecnico di Torino and president’s representative for international relations in China and Asia, and Roberto PAGANI, professor of architectural technology and former scientific and technological counselor of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, visited the School. Dean Tom KVAN, Vice Dean of Administration LI Xu, Prof. Christiane M. HERR, Prof. Enza MIGLIORE, Prof. Mirna ZORDAN and other school representatives had a working lunch to discuss various collaboration at the doctoral level and the development strategy of Politecnico di Torino in China.



At the same time, Joseph MAZOYER, CEO of French Millot Design, visited the School for exchanges and understanding of industrial design education and the integration of industry and education in Shenzhen.

In the afternoon, the School held an academic seminar (Research Sharing Colloquium). This meeting was hosted by Prof. Christiane M. HERR and Prof. Thomas FISCHER, and three doctoral students in architecture from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Guillermo Sánchez SOTÉS, QUAN Deyan and Chitraj BISSOONAUTH, were invited to present at the seminar. Teachers and students of the School shared their scientific research projects. The three students introduced their application of autopoietic systems in architecture and the use of 3D printing templates to form parameters in terms of research background, research goals, research questions and research methods. The latest progress has been made in three topics: fiber-reinforced concrete precast exterior wall components generated by the formal language and understanding and action in digital design practice. The School's scientific research seminars are held every other week, with the faculty team presenting their respective scientific research progress and topics, providing opportunities for academic exchanges, thereby broadening the team's scientific research horizons and improving the scientific research level.



After the symposium, HUANG Zhonghao, deputy general manager of TCL Design Innovation Center, and Theo THOMAS, head of all-category design strategy, and their delegation visited the School to discuss and exchange ideas with the School’s teaching team including Prof. LUO Tao, Prof. JE Seungwoo and Prof. AN Pengcheng.

The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on green design, sound design, as well as interaction and experience design, and plan to gradually promote collaboration in teaching, research, and internships.


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