Jun 16. 2023 - Latest News

2023 SD End of Year Show successfully opens

At 16:00, June 15, 2023, SD end-of-year show (hereinafter referred to as "the Show") of SUSTech School of Design (hereinafter referred to as "the School") opened, which is located on the 10th floor of Building C1 of Nanshan iPark. More than 60 pieces of outstanding student works covering the themes of artificial intelligence, healthcare, community creation and smart living from 25 four-week undergraduate studio courses and two 16-week master's design courses offered by the School in the 2022-2023 academic year were on display at the opening of the Exhibition. The exhibition runs for one month from June 15th to July 15th.


Guests from most disciplines at SUSTech and Shenzhen enterprises witnessed the opening together with faculty and students of the School. Tom KVAN, Founding Dean and Chair Professor of the School, CHEN Yuehong, Dean and Chair Professor of SUSTech School of Humanities and Social Sciences, SUSTech, and ZHANG Bi, Associate Dean and Chair Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, School of Engineering, SUSTech, were present to deliver opening speeches. Marcel SAGESSER, Assistant Professor of the School, made a curatorial introduction.



After the opening ceremony, the guests were guided by the teachers and students of the School to view the exhibition and exchange ideas.



This exhibition showcases the students' efforts to pursue design for good. Rooted in interdisciplinary concepts and in direct response to the ever-changing and evolving industrial ecology of Shenzhen, the works explore the many possibilities of integrating technology, innovation and social values from a future-oriented perspective. The works in the exhibition cover a wide range of topics, presenting the breadth and depth of the students' inquiry into issues of social good, urban well-being, and disadvantaged groups. From additive manufacturing to user interface interaction design, from the exploration and application of artificial intelligence generation tools to filmmaking and visual art creation, the works reflect the School's pursuit of multiculturalism and disciplinary diversity. In addition, the exhibition includes internships with leading Shenzhen companies, including Tencent, Mindray, Urban Forest, and InDare.


The School highlights the concept of "design + technology", emphasizes "design for good" and sustainable development, and builds a system of integration of disciplines, science and education, and industry and education, and is committed to connecting basic scientific research and applied practice through design, integrating teaching, scientific research, exhibitions, and technology transfer, and building an international, high quality, and innovative school of design. It is committed to connecting basic scientific research and application practice with design, integrating teaching, scientific research, exhibition, science and technology transfer, and building a world-class innovative and creative design school that is internationalized, high-level, innovative and application-oriented. On the basis of SUSTech's general education and self-selected majors after freshman year, the School features studio teaching and explores a high-intensity project-based in-depth learning approach, which is committed to enhancing students' creative thinking, critical thinking and innovation ability, focusing on cultivating students' ability to propose, test and discuss ideas based on their own ideas and initiatives, and fostering the ability to design for the real world, design across boundaries across disciplines, and combine brain and hand, systematic thinking and the ability to construct personal knowledge system. At present, the School has been operating at three levels of master and doctoral degrees, and the undergraduate industrial design program has opened two directions: object design and experience design.



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