Position: Assistant Professor

Professor LUO, Assistant Professor of the School of Design at Southern University of Science and Technology, is an interaction design practitioner, researcher, and educator focusing on the areas of micro-interaction, interactive prototyping, and formal methods of describing interactions. LUO obtained a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, and his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Interaction Design from Kookmin University in Korea. Before joining SUSTech, he held positions as Assistant Professor at Kookmin University and as UX Design Manager at Korean company SK Telecom, designing interfaces and interactions of mobile, wearable, and automobile applications. He is the main inventor of 4 invention patents on mobile device interaction methods in Korea. He has written the book “Interaction Design Language: Designing the Beauty of Interactions” (Tsinghua Univ. Press). He has also developed an editing and prototyping toolkit based on this language. Since 2019, he and his students have applied for a total of 30 invention patents for interactions (China, the United States, South Korea) in schools and companies through this language and its tools. By exploring the underlying principles of interaction from a design perspective, LUO is committed to improving the designers’ efficiency of innovating interactions on various platforms, using creative and elegant interaction techniques to transform ever-evolving technologies into pleasant user experiences. His main work can be found at


Selected Output:

Luo Tao (2016). Information as causality: An approach to a general theory of information, Journal of Information Science, 42(6), 821-832, DOI:


Luo Tao (2018). Interaction Design Language: Designing the Beauty of Interactions, Tsinghua University Press, Beijing. ISBN: 978-7-302-51533-3.


Luo Tao (2019). Universal Interactive Gesture Dictionary, UXPA Korea Press. ISBN: 979-11-90120-08-1.


Luo Tao (2019). IxDL Engine (version 1.0) [Sketch Design System]. Available at: (Downladed: 22 September 2021). 


Luo Tao (2020). IxDL Engine (version 1.0) [Origami Studio Plugin]. Trial version available at:


Luo Tao, Liu Haiyan, Jin Zhouxiong, Lee Yichieh, Nan Jinghong, Zheng Ling, and Guo Fen (2020). Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same, Korean Intellectual Property Office Patent no. 10-2149465. DOI: 10.8080/1020190032850. 


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