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SUSTech School of Design visits Shenzhen Technology University and Shenzhen Innovation Institute

To strengthen the academic exchange and interaction, learning experiences of the application for new institution establishment and operation of higher education institutions, and explore the innovative cultivation of talents, Prof. Thomas KVAN, the dean of the School of Design, and Prof. HE Renke, the deputy dean of the School of Design, led a delegation to the College of Creative Design at Shenzhen Technology University and Shenzhen Innovation Institute on November 16th, 2021.


In the morning, the delegation was warmly received by the faculty of Shenzhen Technology University including LIU Hongwei, the head of Registry, HUO Yuda, the dean of the College of Creative Design, DU Heming, the associate dean of the College of Creative Design, and DU Haibin, the head of the Department of Industrial Design. At the outset, introductions to both sides were given by Mr. Liu and Prof. Kvan, respectively, in which Mr. Liu covered the overview and the application process of the new institution establishment, and Prof. Kvan touched upon the educational philosophy and the school preparation progress. In-depth communication was followed revolving around the evaluation of operation conditions, discipline development and the application of degree programs, the development of faculty, the size of students admitted, and enrolled, and other key issues related to the application for new institution establishment. In addition, both parties discussed the common challenges facing the discipline of design and looked forward to more communication and collaboration, promoting coordinated development in the region. After the meeting, the delegation, accompanied by the faculty of Shenzhen Technology University, also toured the campus and visited the students’ canteen and other living and learning spaces.


In the Meeting


Group Photo



In the afternoon, the school delegation arrived at the Shenzhen Innovation Institute and visited the exhibition hall, labs, classrooms, multi-functional spaces, workshops, and other teaching and practice spaces in the company of Dr. WU Yuanqing and other two personnel from the Institute.


Student from Shenzhen Innovation Institute introduce the products they are developing for their business ventures


An in-depth discussion was then proceeded over the practice of talent cultivation, revolving around curriculum, pedagogy, knowledge acquisition, and university collaboration mechanism, with a particular focus on cross-disciplinary teaching and student performance assessment.


This trip served as a return visit following the visit to the school on the 9th paid by Prof. LI Zexiang, the founder of the Institute, representing the beginning of joint exploration in innovative talent cultivation and the society-oriented translation of science and technology.


Prof. Li visits SUSTech School of Design

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