Nov 9. 2021 - Latest News

Cardboard Chairs for Children

Come and see 9 playful experimental chairs made from cardboard, designed by 18 students in the course DS202, in collaboration with children from the SUSTech Affiliated Kindergarten.


Exhibition Location: SUSTech Yidan Library, 2F

Exhibition Duration: Nov 9th - Nov 18th, 2021


Children are welcome to visit! Parents: please be mindful of maintaining a quiet environment in the library.



As the second design studio taught at the new School of Design at SUSTech, the course DS202 "From 2D to 3D" invited students to design cardboard chairs for kindergarten age children. In the design process, students integrated their learning about sheet materials and strategies of creating three-dimensional shapes from flat sheets with basic ergonomics and user research. With the generous support of the SUSTech Affiliated Kindergarten, the School of Design's Year 2 students could collaborate with 5-6 year old children in developing innovative ideas for new types of play-chairs. The works demonstrate one of the School of Design's core values: to employ technical and creative skills to engage with and enhance the lives of users of all ages and backgrounds.


We would like to express our special gratitude to Ms. Shao Xiao, Director of the SUSTech Affiliated Kindergarten and her team for supporting this project. In particular, we thank the enthusiastic children of the SUSTech Affiliated Kindergarten for offering very creative ideas and delightful curiosity!

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