Jan 6. 2022 - Latest News

Huawei UCD Center visits SUSTech School of Design

In the afternoon on January 6th, 2022, Mr. ZHAO Ye, the head of Huawei UCD Center, led a delegation to the School of Design. Prof. HE Renke, the deputy dean of the school and Dr. LI Xu, the associate dean for administration, together with relevant school faculty and staff, received and welcomed the delegation. Both sides touched upon the fields of interaction design and experience design and explored the possible directions and models of next-step collaboration and exchange during the communication.


                                                                                                      In the Meeting


The communication started with Mr. Zhao’s introductions to the Huawei UCD Center including its business scope, technical capability architecture and research areas, followed by Dr. Li’s introduction to the School of Design including its positioning, discipline development, talent cultivation and development planning. Subsequently, Prof. LUO Tao, Prof. AN Pengcheng and Prof. Wibo BAKKER shared their respective research on interaction design. Prof. Thomas FISCHER and Prof. Christiane M. HERR filled the delegation in the characteristics of collaborative courses between the school and enterprises.


                                                                                           Group Photo


Both sides were agreed on the idea of industry-education integration and exchanged further ideas about the application of science and technology, talent cultivation and collaborative models. The visit was concluded with a shared expectation of more interactions and communications.

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