Sep 17. 2021 - Latest News

Director of Shenzhen Innovation & Creative Design Development Office Dr. HAN Wangxi visits School of Design

In a visit to the temporary office of the School of Design in the afternoon on September 14 amidst the drizzle, the Director of Shenzhen Innovation & Creative Design Development Office Dr. HAN Wangxi met with the Dean of the School of Design Prof. Thomas KVAN, during which the prospects and focus of design education in Shenzhen were discussed.


                 Group Photo of Dr. HAN Wangxi and Prof. Thomas Kvan


Being a strong advocate for “Shenzhen Design” and “Shenzhen City of Design”, Dr. Han expounded on the journey of Shenzhen Design and the “prehistory” and high expectations of SIDI to Dean Kvan. He expected that the School of Design can adopt a broader horizon and values, boast unparallel advantages and integrate diversified cultures while focusing on market needs, closely linking industries, and serving society.


Dean Kvan expressed that Dr. Han’s vision and expectations echo the development ideas of the School, which can be manifested by the integrated design, the cultural roots of design, design for good, industry-education integration, industry-academia-research integration, and other aspects. “Translation” was a word used to indicate the unique contribution of design by them unanimously. Dean Kvan also shared with Dr. Han his recent thoughts including the epistemology and methodology of using complex adaptive system-inspired design to examine ourselves, the inclusion of strategies and policies research into talent cultivation and research, and the significance of communication of design value.


This long-expected meeting which was proceeded in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin was concluded with a shared expectation of collaboration. This unfinished conversation between a design educator and a thinker on Shenzhen design is to be unfolded.

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